Rome: enjoy La Dolce Vita – a photojourney

A while ago I visited perhaps the most stunning city I’ve ever been to: Rome. Three months before my visit my adventurous cousin moved to Rome, just because she could, and started working at B&B Retrome near the Colosseum. For me it was one of the first times I traveled alone to a foreign destination still unknown to me, but the ticket was only €45 and the flight takes just a little more then two hours. I just couldn’t resist!

Rome is like a living breathing museum. Everywhere you look, you see beautiful architecture, ancient buildings, marvelous fountains and breathtaking statues of Roman Gods and rulers. A city where you will eat the best Italian food, tiramisu, Italian ice cream and where you will drink Prosecco in the middle of the day. Of course my lovely cousin was also one of the main reasons why I enjoyed the capital of Italy so much. Not only is she as a brand new local still appreciative of everything Rome has to offer to a newbie, she is one of my very best friends and good for a lot (I mean A LOT) of laughing and joking around.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures just as much as I enjoyed my stay in Rome!

The mighty St. Peter’s Basilica and the impressive St. Peter’s square. The square is huge and breathtaking. Just turn on your heels 360 degrees, beauty all around! I had a difficulty choosing what to save on camera first.

         DSC01877 DSC01909

                                                                                               My beautiful cousin (left) and me

DSC01934 DSC01935

DSC01945 DSC01949

Rome has some beautiful bridges to cross the famous Tiber river, but especially the bridge with all the angel statues, opposite Castelo d’Angelo (castle of angels) is worth your time. It’s an easy walk from St. Peter’s square to here, just don’t forget to grab some Italian ice cream on the way.

DSC01974 DSC01981

So annoying, this is the place where Julia Robert’s had her final Eat-moment in the movie Eat Pray Love, but we couldn’t find it anymore afterwards. Find the view of the righthand picture.


The best fresh basil, green pesto, mozarella (best mozarella ever you will find in Italy) pizza! Just around the corner of the Pantheon. They cut you a slice with a scissor, just the size you prefer. You find this little pizzaplaces everywhere. We had a different pizza for lunch everyday and just took it to the nearest fountain or beautiful square to eat.

DSC02025 DSC02039

The Pantheon is ancient and very special, inside there is a hole in the ceiling. The church is still in use and one time a year rose petals will whirl down on the people. The Pantheon was very high on my bucketlist, glad I saw it.

DSC02152 DSC02153 DSC02175

Busy with tourists admiring the beautiful fountain of Bernini: Piazza di Spagna. Fill your waterbottle (prepare to get in line) and sit on the Spanish Steps for a while.

DSC02166 DSC02137

If you can, find Pompi in one of the alleyways that connect to Piazza di Spagna, they have the best tiramisu of Rome. A perfect Italian treat!  From my own experience, the Tiramisú Fragola (strawberries) is amazing!

DSC01807 DSC01815

Don’t forget to visit the Colosseum and surroundings. From here you can also visit Forum Romano and Pizzia Venetia. In the evening the Colosseum lights up beautifully and especially around sunset these ancient buildings and statues make the perfect silhouettes.

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